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Short-Term Care at The Ridge at Lansing

The Ridge at Lansing provides flexible, short-term care for any number of reasons. Often called Respite Care, short-term stays are ideal for full-time at-home caregivers who want to take a vacation or just need a mental and physical break from the daily demands of caring for a loved one. Short-term stays can also be helpful when your loved one needs extra assistance recovering from a hospital stay. Our team will ensure they get the medical and physical assistance they need to recover quickly and return home.

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Respite care at The Ridge at Lansing in Lansing, Michigan
A man and woman walking together at The Ridge at Lansing in Lansing, Michigan
Two residents drinking tea at The Ridge at Lansing in Lansing, Michigan

Get a Taste of the Good Life Here

If you or your loved one feel hesitant about moving into a retirement community, why not come for a short-term stay to test the waters? Residents often feel more confident and excited about joining our welcoming community full time after a respite stay here. The professional care team at The Ridge at Lansing is highly skilled at helping short-term residents adjust and feel at home from the moment they arrive. Short-term residents are encouraged to take advantage of all the great events, activities, and services that make our community so unique and fun.

Do yourself a favor and talk to us about a short-term stay at The Ridge at Lansing in Lansing, Michigan.

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